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Phillips Veterinary Services,

Christian County,

Clever Missouri,

Emergency Vet,

Dr. Zack Phillips DVM,


Cattle, Bovine, Cow

Horses, Equine, Dogs, Domestic Pets, Cats,

Vaccines, 24 Hour Emergency, Contact Us,

Abby Price, Abby Phillips, Abbigail Phillips,

Animal Clinic Of Ava.,

Horses. Large animal vet Clever MO. Small animal vet Clever MO.

Phillips Veterinary Services

​P.O. Box 346

Clever, mo 65631


Call for 24 hour emergency service
Tel: 417-840-6186




Phillips Veterinary Services


Offers in  clinic  &  in home domestic pet services:
24 hour Emergency
In Home Visits
Preventative Care
Routine Spays & Neuters
Dental Care
Miscellaneous Surgeries
Emergency &  Traumatic Care
Call today to schedule your next appointment, or ask us about your particular need.
24 Hour Emergnecy
Contact us at


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